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6 Week Dryland Bootcamp

May 30th - July 7th

Dryland 101

Last Day to Sign Up is MAY 26th

It's no secret that dryland is a MUST for swimmers these days. Learning how to produce more force not only can help athletes swim faster, but may help reduce the high rate of injury we see in the sport.


Unfortunately, most dryland programs are comprised of only bodyweight or light medicine ball movements and typically are not structured to create the stimulus required to see real change. Further more, they are mostly used as a way to take up practice time and make the athlete sweat with a "workout of the day" model rather than a systemized program to reach the end goal: swimming a best time at the end of the season.

We're here to change that.

This 6 week bootcamp is for swimmers who are looking to learn how to lift properly, improve strength in the water and develop skills necessary to perform a proper dryland program to create swimmer specific outcomes

You're not a body builder. So don't train like one! You need to lift and move like a swimmer and our experts are here to help. 

Meet Your Coaches

Katie Higgins CSCS

Nick Hadinger PT, DPT, USAW

  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

  • Professional Swimmer

  • Former Division 1 Swimmer

  • Dryland Performance Head Coach

  • Physical Therapist for TEAM USA

  • USA Weightlifting Coach

  • Former Division 1 Swimmer

  • Former Olympic Trials Athlete

Join us 2x/week for 6 weeks!

Tuesday and Thursday at 3:30p!

May 30th - July 7th

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