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Ankle Pain and Instability E-Book

Do you struggle with ankle sprains or have a "bad ankle"? Do you do a sport that requires ankle stability? Or do you just want to address that ankle pain that's been bothering you? This e-book is for you!

Ankle E-Book Cover.png

Shoulder Pain and Instability E-Book

Do you struggle with shoulder pain? Have you been told you have a rotator cuff or labral injury? Do you want stronger, healthier shoulders? This e-book is a great starting place!

Shoulder E-Book Cover.png

Back Pain and Stiffness E-Book

Back pain is the most common injury in the world. This e-book aims to show you some simple things do about it and regain control over your back pain.

Low Back Pain E-Book Cover.png

Tennis & Golfer's Elbow E-Book

Tennis and golfer's elbow can be annoying injuries that never seem to let up! And they don't just happen to tennis players or golfers. If elbow pain is affecting your life, check this out!

Tennis and Golfers Elbow E-Book Cover.png

Golfer's Hip Mobility E-Book

Reduce pain and improve your drive with some of these simple hip mobility tips and tricks from Dr. Mueller! This e-book pairs well with the Golfer's Glute Strength E-book.

Golf Hip Mobility E-Book Cover.png

Golfer's Glute Strength E-Book

Glute strength can be the missing link between fixing your hip or back pain with golf. It can also add some BIG distance to your drives. This e-book pairs well with the Golfer's Hip Mobility E-book.

Golf Glute Strength E-Book Cover.png

Golfer's Thoracic  Mobility E-Book

Neck, shoulder, back and even hip pain can be caused by poor movement in your upper back. Use this e-book to learn how to move better in your thoracic spine to improve your pain and your swing mechanics.

Golf Thoracic E-Book Cover.png

Golfer's Shoulder Mobility & Stability  E-Book

It's essential to have both shoulder mobility AND stability to have a pain free swing and to perform at your highest level. Learn how to improve both of these quickly in this e-book.

Golf Shoulder E-Book Cover.png