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Dryland Basics

The world of swimming is in need of quality dryland programming and it seems to be hard to find. The process of programming doesn't need to be overly complicated and this video should help to set a good foundational understanding of elements to include and give an outline for general structure of workouts.

Dynamic Warm Up - get the blood flowing while focusing on improving mobility in thoracic spine, hips, shoulders.

Movement Prep - think about your goals for the main part of the dryland and pick 1-3 different "activation" type drills or exercises to promote improved muscle engagement in these areas and increased rate of contraction speed/force output.

Loading - we suggest a split program. This makes for one upper push/lower pull day, and one upper pull, lower push day. If you're adding a 3rd day of strength based dryland you can change this up a bit but this structure works best. Don't forget the posterior chain! This is often overlooked and is essential for proper programming and progress.

Core - always include all 3 planes of movement with core work! This cannot be stressed enough. It's crucial to be able to control and develop tension/torque in all planes of movement.

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