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Golfer's Back - How you can fix it!

Does your back bother you during your round? Or does it wait until later that night after you spent the day on the golf course?

Golf is a sport that requires several repetitions of the same thing with a lot of power behind it. When was the last time you spent 4 hours doing the same movement after a week of not doing anything similar? Probably not often (or…. every time you get out there on the golf course.)

Core and glute strength are huge in not only improving your “power” and overall functional strength, but also decreasing your back pain! Training throughout the week will better prepare you for your sport. The stronger your core and glutes are, the more protected and resilient your back will be. It is important to work on functional rotational/power movements in the gym, incorporating pushing and pulling.

Here are some good exercises to engage the full rotation of your core.

If rotation is bothering your back when you play, your core stabilizers might be too weak to control the high velocity of your golf swing. Then the starting point is core and glute stabilization. Think straight/flat spine exercises where your core/torso are resisting movement with an exterior force placed on it. You have smaller muscles along your spine that work very hard to keep us upright.

Try these anti-rotation exercises:

Core stabilization:

Incorporating these exercises into your weekly routine should not only help decrease your back pain while playing, it should also make you stronger and a little better! Win win here!

You can also download our FREE e-book on glute strength to learn more about what you can do to help yourself with this!

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