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Optimize Planking Effectiveness

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Planks are a great exercise for training core awareness and postural positioning while working on core stability. All of these elements are crucial for those dealing with back pain, hip pain and even shoulder pain. But often times we also see that learning how to be strong in this position can dramatically improve performance in sports like swimming, running, golf and even overhead lifts.

The Problem: They're boring!!!

The Solution: Add movement!

Adding dynamic movement to a plank can dramatically improve their effectiveness at training these qualities but also makes them much more

engaging and fun to do (cough, cough...which will actually improve your chances of doing them...cough, cough...).

Take a look at a few examples of dynamic planking exercises to spice up your workout routine and add a new challenge to make sure you're progressing and staying injury free!

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