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What Is Streamline Performance Physical Therapy?

Updated: May 22, 2022

During PT school I had the pleasure of working with several high level facilities that treated professional athletes and active adults regularly in the orthopedic and sports setting. After graduation, I moved to Portland, OR to work at one of these clinics and learned a lot of valuable lessons in the process. It was something that made me look at the bigger picture of what I wanted to offer as a physical therapist.

While gaining experience treating various orthopedic and sports injuries in the physical therapy setting I also was able to see the operational side of a typical outpatient physical therapy business. After several years of seeing patients in this setting, I realized that what I enjoy the most about treating patients is not only getting patients better faster, but developing a connection with them that enables them to trust me with guiding them through a sometimes difficult stage in their life. Under current healthcare models and insurance reimbursement rates, clinics are driven to see more patients per hour than ever before. Patients are given less time with their actual physical therapist and more time with under qualified techs or therapy aides. In this model, I was unable to feel content with the quality of service I was providing my patients and it didn’t align with how I best treated my patients. Once I moved back to Arizona I decided to take a different route.

It is becoming a more and more popular trend in health care to offer fee for service or concierge medicine as consumers are becoming more informed and they look for higher quality care, not just the cheapest place or where ever their insurance will pay for a percentage of their visits. In this light, Streamline Performance Physical Therapy was born. My background in swimming, coaching and strength and conditioning has helped me to specialize in treating swimmers, triathletes and Crossfit athletes while allowing them to continue to train while rehabbing their injury rather than just stopping it completely. We do this all with one on one, hands on care every time we see our patients. And since we’re able to spend more quality time with you, we typically can provide better education about your injury and tailor your rehab program to fit into your current training regimen. In addition, we typically don’t have to see our clients as often. Rather than coming in 2-3x/week in a traditional outpatient setting and seeing your PT for a total of 1 hour over those sessions our clients spend at least an hour, sometimes more, with me every time. This means we can accomplish a lot more in the session and you have to leave work/find a baby sitter/reorganize your schedule/etc. much less and can come see us once a week or less to get the same results.

Our goal is to empower you to create change for yourself and not need to rely on providers all the time to give you that adjustment, that massage, that stretch, etc. We want to teach you enough about your body and how move efficiently so that you know exactly what to do when you’ve got a problem and how to go about fixing it. We should be your guides in your rehab journey, not the sole point of healing.

If you’re struggling with injury, want to train harder, want to improve performance in something you’re passionate about or just want to improve how you move then Streamline Performance Physical Therapy is the place for you. We have an awesome gym space in Phoenix, AZ and see patients for physical therapy and sports performance training. We also offer remote training packages after clients have received an initial movement screen and injury assessment. We would love to help you stay active in your sport or activity while improving your performance in it! Give us a call or reach out through our website ( to schedule a free injury consult and learn how we can help you.

Dr. Nick Hadinger’s physical therapy practice is in Phoenix, AZ and he specializes in helping active adults, swimmers, triathletes and Crossfit athletes improve performance and overcome or avoid injury by blending his knowledge of concepts from sport specific injury rehab as well as strength and conditioning. Dr. Hadinger is a licensed physical therapist who swam collegiately for the University of Arizona, graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Physiology and obtained his degree as a Doctor of Physical Therapy from Northern Arizona University. He currently works as a member of USA Swimming’s Sport’s Medicine Network and travels to various meets to work with athletes in this arena. The views expressed in this piece are his alone and should not be taken for personal medical advice. If you’d like an injury consult please contact Dr. Hadinger at

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