Theri N.

"My doctor gave me a referral to see a physical therapist for my lower back.  I was not amused, thrilled or excited about doing "that" again. I had gone before and learned nothing at all about my back and the exercises I was given to do...The first thing [Nick] did was talk to get the scoop, then he saw where my limitations were. Next, he showed me life sized model of the spine and explained where my issue was located and the steps we were going to take...

I felt instant relief after the 2nd visit, not only in my back by my mind was put at ease because Nick taught me that my issue was totally treatable with some work and diligence...I will forever sing the praise of Nick for his wealth of knowledge, patience calm demeanor and genuine concern for helping me move forward without the pain in my back!"

Frankie W.

"I've been a patient in physical therapy for the last 10 weeks with Nick. I've had an outstanding experience with Nick as my PT. Each week, Nick is extensively prepared for my session, not only in terms of exercises, but also with the thorough information and knowledge he explains to me about my condition. He has done many of these preparations in his own, free time. I've had PT in the past, but no therapist has compared to the amount of effort that Nick has. He has tried new ways to solve my problems, has listened to my concerns and has made me feel better.

Ultimately, Nick has not only made me feel better, but he has given me my life back. I am very grateful for the work Nick has put forth."